Ukraine’s foreign trade: measuring dichotomies between East and West
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magister Uniwersytetu Burgundzkiego we Francji oraz Uniwersytetu Opolskiego w Polsce
Publication date: 2021-04-26
Studia Politologiczne 2021;59
For past decades the two major consumers of Ukrainian products have been the CIS countries and the EU, both making up to 55% of the foreign trade turnover. An enactment of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area in 2016 has significantly boosted the trade between Ukraine and the EU Member States and, from other hand, has indirectly contributed to the reduction of trade with key CIS partners. In result, basically, has occurred a reorientation of Ukrainian trade from Eastern partners to Western. The analysis of the foreign trade of Ukraine for the period 2010–2019 has proved the thesis that Ukraine has gained first of all quantitatively in trade integration with the EU and lost first of all qualitatively in diminished trade with the CIS.
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two double-anonymous peer reviews
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