Instructions for authors
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Manuscripts should be submitted by email in Word format to the Secretary of Studia Politologiczne:
A declaration confirming the original character of the paper and that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere must be included.
The Studia Politologiczne (Political Science Studies) seeks manuscripts that make outstanding contributions to scholarly knowledge about theoretical concerns, empirical issues in any subfield of Political Sciences, in particular - in the field of Eastern Europe. The Studia Politologiczne will not review manuscripts that are under consideration for publication elsewhere or manuscripts with contents that have been published elsewhere. Papers that do not meet the formatting and submission guidelines will not be sent out for review.

Editing of the text
Structure of the paper
A scheme of the analysis
ORCID numer
Manuscript title
Key words: up to 5
Abstract (up to 600 characters)
Body of the the manuscript
Introduction: justification of the research and its novelty, objectives of the analysis, hypotheses and research theses, applied research methods
– analysis
– conclusions
A short note about the author(s) is also required (including the name of the institution where they are employed, the academic title and academic degree, email).

Font: 13-point font size (Times New Roman)

References: at the bottom of the page, continuous pagination, 10-point font size, according to the following model:
¹ S. Filipowicz, Democracy – The Power of Illusion, Peter Lang 2013, p. 117.
¹ Ibidem, p. 48.
¹ I. Ostapovich, The Role of Regulatory Character of Decisions of the Constitutional Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Provision of Uniform Rule-Making System, [in:] I.I. Rogov (ed.), Kazakhstan trend: from Totalitarianism to Democratic and Legal State (View from the Outside), Astana 2015, p. 158.
¹ S. Filipowicz, Democracy…, p. 126.
¹ A. Manasyan, The Two-Party Political System and Perspectives of its Development in the Republic of Armenia, «Studia Politologiczne» 2017, № 44, p. 303.
¹ M.M. Wiszowaty, Komisja Wenecka – promocja dobrych standardów czy demokratyczna urawniłowka?, (31.08.2018).

Page setup: standard
Length: 15,000–40,000 characters (spaces included).

The procedure for qualifying an article for publication
The Editorial Office does not charge any fees for the submission and processing of the article. The articles submitted for publication in «Studia Politologiczne» undergo the reviewing process.

Within 2 months after the article is submitted the Author is informed on the article being qualified for the reviewing procedure or rejected due to formal flaws or no interest on the part of the Editorial Board in the subject of the article.

Each article qualified for the reviewing procedure is transferred to two external reviewers from outside the Editorial Office. The reviewers of a given article are appointed from among the specialists not affiliated with the same institution as the Author/Authors of the text. In case of foreign Authors, at least one reviewer does not come from the same country as the institution indicated by the author as affiliation.
The double-blind rule is observed in the reviewing process, i.e. neither the Reviewer nor the Author knows each other’s personal data. The Editorial Office sends to the reviewers the version of the article without the Authors’ data (such as first name, surname, institutional affiliation). The Editorial Office sends to the authors the reviews without the personal data of the Reviewer. The origins of the authors, their nationality, ethnicity, political views, gender, race or religion do not affect the process of assessing the submitted article.

Reviews are prepared in a written form and they include a conclusion concerning the text being accepted (or not accepted) for print. The Authors are obliged to implement the corrections indicated by the Reviewers and the Editorial Board at the appointed date. Should the corrected text not be sent at the appointed time, the effect is that the Editorial Office will give up further work on the article. The authors submit the corrected article in two versions: one version with the corrections indicated in the article (the features “Track Changes” or “Compare Documents”) and in the version without highlighted corrections.

The final decision concerning the possible publication of the article or its rejection belongs to the editor-in-chief.
In case of a negative review, the information on this fact is transferred to the Author and the publishing procedure is closed with the negative effect. In case of a negative review the Author receives the review of the submitted article and the information that the publishing procedure is closed with the negative effect.

The editorial office does not provide any information concerning the Reviewers evaluating particular articles.
The editorial office does not return unsolicited articles and reserves the right to edit and shorten them.

The average time between the submission of the manuscript and its publication is about 300 days.