The Act on Branches of Government Administration – its Passage and going into Effect (1997–1999)
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profesor w Instytucie Nauk Politycznych Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Publication date: 2019-12-27
Studia Politologiczne 2014;34
The Act of 4th September 1997 on Branches of Government administration was an element of reform carried on the administrative centre of the government in the years 1996–1997. What is characteristic, for the first time the scope of government administration dispersed in many acts was gathered nearly as a whole and put in one act. The Act was based on the construction of branch of government administration, understood as a separated part of activity of the scope of government administration, managed by a minister. The text of the Act passed initially was composed of 28 chapters. Nevertheless, the Act was substantially amended in 1999, just before its putting in force. As a result the number of chapters went up to 32. The following chapters were established: 1) public administration, 2) architecture and construction, 3) budget, 4) public finances, 5) economy, 6) maritime economy, 7) water management, 8) financial institutions, 9) European integration. 10) culture and protection of national heritage, 11) physical education and sports, 1) communications, 13) spatial economy and housing, 14) science, 15) national defence, 16) education and upbringing, 17) labour, 18) agriculture, 19) rural development, 20) regional development, 21) rural development, 22) State Treasury 23) justice, 24) higher education, 25) transport, 26) tourism, 27) environment, 28) internal affairs, 29) religious denominations, 30) social security, 31) foreign affairs, 32) health.
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