The policy of integration of immigrants in Poland and the migration policy of the European Union
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Uniwersytet Jana Kochanowskiego w Kielcach
Publication date: 2023-06-19
Studia Politologiczne 2023;68
Issues concerning the integration of immigrants in ethnically diverse countries gained greater importance after a series of terrorist attacks in the United States and Western Europe. After years marked by the success of multicultural coexistence, the time has come for European governments to review their immigration and integration policies and redefine the effects of the previous strategy towards ethnic minorities. In Poland, the policy towards newcomers, which is in the process of evolution, has become the subject of discussion in scientific bodies. Often also is the object of disputes and lack of disagreement as its evaluation and future shape. The article draws attention to the evolving nature of Polish policy towards immigrants and the problem of their integration into Polish society. The main research questions relate to the question of whether Poland has a coherent and comprehensive concept of immigrant integration and whether it draws on the experience of multicultural countries.
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