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Publication date: 2019-12-20
Studia Politologiczne 2017;46
The present volume of «Studia Politologiczne» includes papers focused around the issues of theoretical and political reflection on political sciences and university. We attempt to undertake the problems connected with the mechanisms of power and politics which are now included and present inside political sciences, in the very process of knowledge acquisition. We also analyze a number of epistemological and methodological aspects of getting to know politics and cultivating politics as a science. Besides, we decided to take a closer look at institutional conditions of cultivating our discipline and realizing education in this respect. Making broad studies of the mechanisms of institutionalization of science and education cultivation seems to be a more or less recognized direction of politological analyses while it is political sciences which have an obligation to identify and unmask the political mechanisms of the functioning of science and realize the policy towards science and higher education as well as towards all other areas of social reality. There is no reason to treat this sphere as excluded from the critical political reflection. It is science itself, a sphere of social life, which seems to be a good example of how – in the mask of apoliticality and universal rationality, which would seem to have no alternative – politics and confrontation of social interests are concealed which are of fundamental importance for the social capacity for conscious reflection on the conditions of social existence and the mechanisms of its reproduction and on the structures of symbolic violence playing the key role in the establishment and functioning of ideological reign and ideological hegemony, also in the contemporary world. Science, especially social and political sciences, are an area of those phenomena and processes. The components of the mechanisms creating the dominant ideologies and their socialization include university itself and the institutional dimension of science as well as the scientific and educational policy realized by the state. There is a clear relation between the conditions and mechanisms of getting to know the social and political world, between the epistemological and methodological challenges on the one hand and institutional cultivation of science and scientific policy on the other. These are not separate but interrelated spheres. Such motifs guided the choice of the title of the texts included in the present volume of «Studia Politologiczne», namely Political sciences and university in theoretical and political reflection. The problems of image management in politics is always a topical issue. Firstly, because due to the constant technological progress and the creation of new communication channels which can become a platform to transfer and preserve the political image. Secondly, due to the increasing importance of impression in making election decisions: the average voter has less and less time to get acquainted with political offers and politicians. Hence, the election decision is most frequently not so much a resultant of a more or less rational analysis of profits and losses connected with the election of particular political parties as the image that a politician builds, both consciously and unconsciously. The aim which guided the edition of the present volume was to collect the texts which would in a complex manner describe the mechanisms of image management in politics, the texts which could be helpful in education in the area of image management and which would point to the new areas of research in the field of political communication, political marketing and image management in politics.
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